No, I don't miss Wall Street. And I don't miss porn either.

It was something I pursued out of curiosity, because I've always felt like an entrepreneur at heart and I wanted to learn more about the business. I had a hunch that I would love the business because of how much I love sex, but once I actually participated in the industry I found that what I enjoy most is eroticism, and there is little to be had of this during the actual shooting of adult content. I just found porn to be so...obvious, whereas I enjoy tantalizing sensuality, the little things besides genitalia that can bring intense stimulation. 

With that said I'm still pursuing other things, and I hope to still be in touch with my fan base in other ways such as Youtube, blogging, acting, and some of my passion projects like developing a line of lingerie. I've always been a person with an incredible breath of interests, and hopefully I can share my pursuits with all of you as I learn, grow, and discover more about myself. 

Check out my store for some collector's items, as well as my upcoming 2017 Veronica Vain calendar, produced by yours truly! If you'd like more personal interaction, subscribe to my Snapchat account to talk to me directly.


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